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Although it is important to teach a child to understand the importance of "no," it is as crucially important to build them up and bring positivity in their life.

Whether you want to tell them how great they were at their soccer game, or how much you love spending time with them, here are 66 positive and encouraging things to say to your child on a daily basis. (Camping Hacks With Toddlers)

99 Life Hacks That Could Make Your Life Easier

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99 Life Hacks That Could Make Your Life Easier

Fill a plastic water bottle so it's about a quarter full, lay it on its side and put it in the freezer. This way when it's frozen you can fill the rest of the bottle with water and have an ice cold drink on the go.

Use a paper towel to keep your salad fresh and avoid sogginess.

How to keep salad fresh all week long: Use a salad spinner to get out ALL liquid! Place a single paper towel on the top of the lettuce, and then cover everything with plastic wrap or use a bowl with a tight fitting lid.

Wrap the top of your bananas with plastic wrap and they’ll last four to five days longer.

Keep Bananas Fresh Longer - Cut a piece of plastic wrap about the size of your palm. Wrap the plastic tightly at the top/crown of the bananas. Carefully remove and replace the plastic cling wrap each time you get a banana. Enjoy days longer than usual!

Remove avocado stems to gauge its ripeness.

Simple trick to buying perfectly ripe avocados. For a perfectly ripe avocado, start with these tips: First, find a good candidate by selecting avocados that are a very dark green without any obvious indents or smooshy parts. It should be heavy and firm.