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Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich with his father Tsar Nicholas II. Mogilev 1915.

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Tsar Nicholas ll of Russia. Nicholas II – (The Romanov dynasty) is remembered because of his poor ability to govern Russia. The decisions of the Tsar provoked the Russian Revolution of 1905. The Tsar Nicholas II's ignorance led to 'Bloody Sunday'. The events of bloody Sunday resulted in resentment for the Tsarist government, the articulation of revolutionary ideas, and the influence of leadership on revolutionary movements.

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Moustache ...

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Tsar Nicholas II clowning for the camera.

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Alexei at Mogalev

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Photos colorisées de la Vie des Russes entre 1900 et 1965

Photos colorisées de la Vie des Russes entre 1900 et 1965 (1)

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As tragic as they were all beautiful: The last Imperial family of Russia abord the yacht “Polar Star”, 1906. Grand Duchesses Olga, Anastasia and Tatiana behind their parents, Tsar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra, whilst Tsarevich Alexei and Grand Duchess Maria pose in the front.

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Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and King George V of Great Britain. Maternal first cousins through their mothers, Princesses Alix (Queen Alexandra) and Dagmar of Denmark (Tsarina Maria Feodorovna).

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Tsar Nicholas II in 1895.

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