yearbook marketing article- great ideas for Marketing Team

It can be difficult to Get the Attention you need to Generate Yearbook Sales. Here are some Yearbook Marketing Tips to Make Your Yearbook a Sell-Out Success

James Enochs High School 2013 Organizations

Mod spread - I really like the dark background, like on the fall play spread in our yearbook

academic yearbook spreads | view of the spread in Northview's The Wyandotte yearbook which was ...

This spread a lot of organization to it and the text box is placed in a very eye catching way because it appears isolated from the rest of the spread due to the white background

Good folios and mods

Campus, or large scale events such as a football game or the school carnival can be shown off in landscape cover photo like the last photo shown here

delivering notes to class to call kids in for quotes

delivering notes to class to call kids in for quotes. maybe a cute idea for those kids with difficult teachers or who are dual enrolling.

High school dividers 2014 - Yearbook Discoveries

Love this layout for a table of contents. Obviously use the shapes (hexagons and triangles) that fit with my theme but I love how fresh this looks.

it's got all the elements. someone worked hard on this layout.

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