Shell shock during World War II.they never forget what happen during war time. I kinda love this photo. It shows so much in this simple scene from war.

Key dates of World War 2 - instead of December 7 on Pearl Harbor, this graphic shows it as December 8 - it would have been December 8 for Japan thanks to the International Date Line.

16 Vintage Photos of Military Kisses That Will Take Your Breath Away

Couple in Penn Station sharing farewell kiss before he ships off to war during WWII. (Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images) Jan 1943

Reference: History: Oxford University Press Releases Whos Who in the Outbreak of First World War Political Map/Infographic (Free)

Photograph showing a group of soldiers, Highlander and Indian Dogras, sitting in a trench. Each man has a rifle in front of him, to which a bayonet could be fixed for close combat,

Start of World War II: September 1939-March 1940

The Topeka Daily Capital: Hitler Opens War in Poland Orders Army Meet Force With Force; Starts Offensive Along Polish Border.

A World War I recruitment poster, featuring John Bull pointing accusingly at the reader, with the text ‘Who’s absent?’ Behind him rows of soldiers can be seen.

STEN Assembly Women war workers putting the stamped parts of MKII STEN sub-machine guns together. The STEN was made from stamped metal and was a very simple, fairly reliable sub-machine gun chambered in parabellum which could be mass produced

26 Ghostly Images Of World War Two, Blended With The Present

View of Children Being Evacuated Out of London During the Outbreak of World War II

Children being evacuated out of London during the outbreak of World War II, 1939 - William Vandivert

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

15 badass women of World War II you didn't learn about in history class.

From "Irritable Heart" to "Shellshock": How Post-Traumatic Stress Became a Disease

Actor recreates the feeling of trench warfare and shell shock many soldiers dealt with during the First World War during an interactive exhibition (I believe) at the Tank Museum.