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The cross, mary jesus and holy quotes are best example of christian tattoos. Here are some of the various christian tattoo designs that are adopted by Christians all around the world.

Wooden Cross Tattoos - Designs and Ideas

There are countless varieties of cross tattoos with the wooden cross being among the most popular ones. The wooden cross tattoos can be inked in any color with black and brown being the most popular since they give the tattoos a wood-like appearance.

Cross Tattoos for Guys - Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Men

Cross Tattoos for Men and Their Meanings

Wooden Nail Cross Tattoos cross tattoos for guys - tattoo ideas and designs for men

Black And Grey Religious Jesus On Wooden Cross Tattoo On Man Full Back

Jesus Christ is the central figure of Christianity. Almost every religion has recognized his teachings as wise and humble. For those wanting to tattoo Jesus on their body, here are a few suggestions. Jesus Tattoo: You could tattoo Jesus [.

the cross on Pinterest | Crosses, Knights Templar and Wooden Crosses

Inspiring pictures of Black Red Celtic Cross Tattoos. You can use this Black Red Celtic Cross Tattoos to upgrade your style.

Viking Heart Knot | Wooden Crosses

This complex infinity knot reflects the twists and turns that two people experience while on life’s journey. It is 5 x inches and is carved on both sides. It is made of white birch and finished with tung oil.