Carved cat.

Carved Cat on a Bed Post by Wood Sculptor/Artist Jack Burgess from Ketchum, Idaho (Sun Valley). Great look of anticipation on this cat.

Phillips Collection Wood Sculptures -- love this!  Just like our Listings OC Article, "Nature as Sculpture."

Carved Root Sculptures - modern - Originals And Limited Editions - Raleigh - Phillips Collection

"I’m interested in the similarity you can find in shape and texture across different parts of life. How the structure of rivers are like highways are like veins and root systems."

Artist Repurposes Found Driftwood Into Surreal Self-Portrait Sculptures

Artist Michelle Dickson has transcended the boundaries of what a self-portrait can be. In her current surrealist sculpture series, Neither Mine Nor Yo

Miss Gloria, 2015. Recycled wood sculpture, 112 x 51,5 cm. Photo ©…

Strook: Reclaiming the Old by Turning it into Art

Strook is the word used to refer to the collage work of Bruges-based artist Stefaan De Croock. His signature collage.

Octopus sculpture, hand carved by award winning, wildlife artist Bill Prickett from a single piece of sweet chestnut burr on nabresina limestone block.

This octopus sculpture is hand carved from a single piece of sweet chestnut burr. I feel he should be perched on a glass box full of water with maybe a fish or two for company.

Michael Kukla - laminated plywood sculpture that would make a great inspiration for a handbuilt clay work

Michael Kukla - laminated plywood, could you do something similar by piercing, laminating, then turning?

This would look great in my office. Awesome sculptures whittled from more than 5,000 pieces of scrap wood…

Awesome sculptures whittled from more than 5,000 pieces of scrap wood…

Aron Demetz - Venezia - sculpture

Aron Demetz - Venezia - sculpture I love how this carved wood looks like it could be a painting