white ink cross tattoo on inner wrist. Not sure about the white, but I like the size. Probably would get this in black.

65 Totally Inspiring Ideas For Wrist Tattoos

white ink cross tattoo on inner wrist. I really would like to get a cross.and I'm kinda loving it in the white ink!

White ink cross tattoo. by lilian. Probably the only tattoo I'd ever get                                                                                                                                                     More

My White Ink Tattoo - Rustic white feather to symbolize guardian angels and loved ones passed

there is something about a white tattoo that makes it so dainty!

I'm not a big fan of tiny tattoos (go big or go home) but this one I would definitely consider. Little white inked cross that I could see and keep with me where ever i go :)

Zodiac star constellation for wrist tattoo. I knew there was a reason I always loved the little/big dipper (libra)

Getting Inked: Tattoo Basics

*not with white ink. Beautifully Done! White Ink Tattoo Of An Infinity Cross Actually Thinking About Getting A Small White Tattoo Pretty Is An Understatement.

51 Amazing White Ink Tattoos

51 Amazing White Ink Tattoos

I also want a white ink cross tattoo. but probably one that is larger and more elaborate on the inside of my upper arm.