Harlequin painted table - oh,  the fluffy tassels......

Hand Painted Table - inspiration for little black side table from charity shop - excl. tassels - Home Decoz

Painted Console Table with Drawer // by MicheleSpragueDesign

Whimsical Painted Furniture, Painted Sofa Table, Whimsical painted console table, Black and White Checkered Table

Whimsical Painted Table // Painted Leopard by MicheleSpragueDesign

This hand painted table is perfect for the animal print enthusiast. Or for anyone that wants to add some zing to a room. Animal prints are all

Whimsical Painted Furniture - Bing Images

Whimsical Painted Furniture - Bing Images K! I'm just like this & love the whimsical Love the pink in particular would be great with a chalk paint for the 9 drawers maybe?