Salt volcano science project for kids is like a lava lamp.

Science with Kids: Salt Volcano

Salt Volcano: Pour several inches of water into a jar. Add about of vegetable oil. Drop in food coloring and observe what happens. Shake salt on top of the oil/water/food coloring mixture. Pour or sprinkle more salt, as desired.

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Make your own erupting SOUND volcano using pop rocks & other simple household ingredients!  What kid wouldn't want to make a volcano with pop and fizzle sound effects as it erupts and bubbles? Way too fun!

Make your own erupting SOUND volcano w/ pop rocks & simple household ingredients! Pop/ Fizzle sound effects as erupts & bubbles - Child - Volcano

How to make a papier mache volcano for science fair - painting

How to Make a Papier Mache Erupting Volcano for the Science Fair

Volcano Project - Look Inside a Volcano                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Take building a volcano science experiment to whole new level with this look inside a volcano activity science activity for kids from pres.

How to upgrade your child's volcano science project to make it more awesome! #A+ #topmarks #studywithchildren

7 Explosive Ways to Upgrade Your Volcano Science Project

How to upgrade your child's volcano science project to make it more awesome! #A+ #topmarks #studywithchildren

Explosive Earth Volcano Facts + Volcano Experiment!

Volcano Experiment for Kids

Volcano Eruption. We first did this two years ago and revisit the experiment at least twice a year. We made our volcano out of plaster and it has stood the test of time!

This could be used to get kids excited about learning more about volcanoes. Volcano Explosion Science Experiment - Education Activities for Kids