Silverware holders - try antique jars and glasses for the silverware. This gives your gathering a victorian feel.


Vintage Silverware displayed in Antique Crystal ~ Nice having things I love out…

Vintage Silver: Everyday Decorating Ideas, silver serving pieces on display in bathroom

Vintage Silver: Everyday Decorating Ideas

Vintage French Soul ~ A vintage tea set is now used to store and hold makeup brushes and cotton pads creating an elegant addition to a bathroom or bedroom vanity.

place cutlery in vintage urns or containers for an interesting look on your kitchen counter or buffet table

Decorative Silverware Displays — by Suzanne Duda. Shabby Chic collection of mismatched silverware placed in a silver urn!

Raid your grandma's closet or a thrift store and make sweet gifts or decor by planting succulents in vintage silver containers.

Succulents in Vintage Silver {for gifts or decor}

11 Ways to Use & Display Vintage Metals | Apartment Therapy

11 Ways to Use & Display Vintage Metals

Old, tarnished  beaten or battered ... collect all the vintage silver trays that you can. Serve on them, display on them, put plants or knick-knacks on them. They add charm to any space.

Accessories: Vintage Silver Butler Trays

Vintage Silver Butler Trays Nonna’s favorite sherry. Aunt Mary’s panettone cake. What better trays to serve rich holiday traditions than these


Tiffany & Co Rare Vintage Silver & Yellow Gold Bumble Bee Brooch Pin Tiffany-Co-Rare-Vintage-Silver-Yellow-Gold-Bumble-Bee-Brooch-Pin