i really like this one... it is aa classic 50's outfit sketch...

30+ Cool Fashion Sketches

dress pattern - fitted princess seamed bodice with gathers at the hip; a very pretty pink party dress.

Red Dress. The painting is signed, but I am unable to read the name. If anyone knows I would love to give credit.


DIY Art-Design Tip: Print out vintage fashion sketches on photo paper, purchase various pre-matted frames, and make a bold statement by creating a collage!

Edith Head sketch (production unknown)

30+ Cool Fashion Sketches

fashion illustration by Edith Head I adore Edith Head and all the films which she designed for. An icon and incredible designer , as demonstrated in this beautiful dress

Barbie Illustration by Robert Best

How chic are these vintage Barbie illustrations by Robert Best? They'd be amazing framed and hanging in a girly room. Perfect for Fashion Fr.

bosquejos de la manera 17

Fashion Sketches For A Preview Of How Lovely The Designs Can Be

ephemeral-:by eko bintang Nearly everyone, minus 90's & 00's

What Fashion Decade Do You Belong In?

fashion history- though I think that the was incorrectly matched - but which fashion decade are you ?