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Viking ring fort and settlement, the Shetland Islands, Jarlshof, Scotland. It has been described as "one of the most remarkable archaeological sites ever excavated in the British Isles". It contains remains dating from 2500 BC up to the 17th century AD.


The Viking Helmets... I will take the razorback bottom left, thanks


How a Viking might have looked like.For more Viking facts please follow and check out don't forget to support and follow the original Pinner/creator. Thx


Viking Gold Plaited Ring, 9th-11th century AD | A finger ring formed from plaited wire, forged together behind and each end coiled around the other.


Oby's Handmade - Giostrina bebè in feltro con draghi e vichinghi, realizzata completamente a mano. Felt baby movil with dragons and vikings, completely handmade. Baby Mobile aus Filz mit Drachen und Wikinger, völlig handgemacht.

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Viking Ring . Horse Heads . Oseberg . Bronze . Small

Viking horse ring


Oby's Handmade - Viking in felt for baby mobile handmade - viking - sun - babymobile


Viking Gold and Quartz Magic Pendant, 8th-11th Century AD This pendant is one of series of quartz amulets that have been discovered from the Viking world, with an important group being found on the island of Visby, Sweden. The exact purpose of these amulets is not known but they have been found in female graves and it has been suggested that they served a magical function for use by seers, known as Völur or fjölkunnig, meaning “plenty of knowing”.


Viking longboat ships were used to travel from one raid to another. The act of pillaging and conquering other lands has often left a negative stigma on the Vikings, but amongst the Gods of Norse Mythology; they were great hero's and warrior's.

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Viking Drinking Horn Vessels and Accessories

The great sea expeditions of the Viking Age - The basis of the great sea expeditions undertaken by the Vikings was ship technology. The Viking ship was a piece of high technology based upon hundreds of years of development and experience. It was distinguished by its narrow keel and shallow draught. This made even the largest ocean-going warships suitable for sailing onto beaches and up rivers. Such tactics enabled, for example, the siege of Paris to be carried out in the year 885.