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Grazie al laser avremo un nuovo metodo di propulsione spaziale Questo metodo di propulsione potrebbe far arrivare una sonda di 100 kg su Marte in soli 3 giorni. Un veicolo con equipaggio (dunque più pesante) impiegherebbe circa un mese per raggiungere il pianeta #deep-in #fotoni #laser #marte #niac

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How the Rosetta spacecraft plans to land on a comet.

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Curiosity on Mars

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Picture Michigan and the Great Lakes taken by Karen L. Nyberg aboard the International Space Station | Michael Rinehart

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The beauty of The Universe

The beauty of The Universe

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Internet - París en el SigloXX (1863), encontrada en 1989 y publicada en 1994

Tulip Nebula

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Solar system

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Reptilian Aliens are said to originate from the Draco Constellation and are alien beings that consume negative energies throughout the Universe. Because Reptilian Aliens need the digestion of negative energies to survive, they created the slave race of Grey Alien. Today, Reptilians and their agenda have become a pop-culture phenomenon because of the efforts of Mr. David Icke and his continuous teaching of the true nature, agenda, and influence of the Reptilians. Some theories purpose…

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