He stole a loaf of bread so naming himself after a bakery item is not a great cover

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Valjean & Cosette - Hugh's portrayal of an adoptive parents was so convincing that I was not that surprised to learn that he is an adoptive parent in real life and is a big advocate for adoption, and I think his passion comes across in his portrayal.

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Those who follow that path of the righteous shall have their reward.

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We're always laughing about how Valjean just goes, "DON"T HIDE, SHOW ME WHERE YOU LIVE!" as though Cosette would just show a random man in the woods were she lives.

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I'm 99% sure he was named after his father, but still....

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Identity- all the ansestors past show through one …

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Valjean recognizes his sin, repents, begins a new life; Javert recognizes his sin, despairs, and ends his life.

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#you say your name every 5 minutes #there is literally no opportunity to forget your name :D

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Casual reminder that Jean Valjean tried so hard as mayor that he actually read the entire municipal code of law to the extent that he could quote it from memory in an argument with Javert

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Musical theatre is definitely useful. Thanks, Jean Valjean.

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