Community (Serie TV) Streaming -->    Jeff Winger, avvocato di media classe, si ritrova revocato il permesso di esercitare la professione, in seguito alla scoperta della finta laurea acquistata all'estero. Decide per cui di frequentare il Greendale Community College, un'università statale del Colorado dove si rifugiano tutti i reietti della società, per ritornare a esercitare la sua professione...
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Only the best show ever.
Joey doesn't share food! :-) I've seen this pic a thousand times and never noticed til now, lol

Just Joey being Joey…
It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Family Photo....Hilarious!

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Family Photo

You Aspie him, Abed. Obviously continuously relating everything in real life to movies and tv shows, and narrating out loud, in front of other people, devoid of any filter, and making the sort of nuanced social references and observations that an alien well versed in pop-culture would make is a boss way to live.
Warehouse 13. I frakking LUV this show!