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A small nook with a light, pillows, shelves, and drawer storage. Not only is it relaxing but it would make great use for the space under stairs, especially in a finished basement. It also looks comfy enough for children to use for sleep overs or severe we

For under the basement stairs!

26 Incredible Under The Stairs Utilization Ideas

Pretty sure any extra space I find in my future house will be converted into a reading nook if I'm able. I need a house with stairs so I can make a Harry potter reading nook

Reading nook under the stairs. The little door on the left leads to a secret hideout for kids

30 most beautiful reading nooks

The bookshelves underneath the reading nook pull out like a drawer to reveal more storage. The door to the left leads to a secret hideout for the kids. The door on the right leads to the powder room. Farmhouse Staircase by JWT Associates

Cute Idea – instead of storing JUNK – make into a cozy under the stairs nook Carpet, lights, cute paint, little furniture, bookshelves, pillows galore.  | followpics.co

18 Clever Uses for the Space Under Your Stairs

7 Ingenious ideas for the space under the stairs

No matter how tiny that studio apartment is, nothing beats having your own space. Here are some actually feasible ideas that don’t involve remodeling or a completely unrealistic warehouse loft.

Charming Reading Nook Under Stairs

8 Clever Ways to Utilize That Awkward Space Under Your Stairs

The 11 best ways to use the space under your stairs!

The 11 Best Ways to Use the Space Under Your Stairs