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memes that make you LOL IRL - Page 880


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Oh god...... all the old gym leaders are comin for us guys.......

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Awwww you guys need to stop bulling Raven... You don't know what she's been through.... Yet...

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IT'S YA BOI and his bois

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why is this so relatable~~~more like when Trump/Republicans + anti-feminists open their mouths

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You have no brain <<< Lusamine's brain went to shit after she lost her mind anyway

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I sat in there thinking "oh ya I'm da boss now" and then he walked in and it was great.

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If Guzma wasnt a bug type specialist, I bet he would have skunktank. But why dont any of the grunts have team skull pmd pkmn?! I think some have zubats and plumeria has a golbat but thats it!

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