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Nothing ruins your Friday like realizing it's only Tuesday

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I would so do this

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Witty e-cards and more

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Yes, that's it...

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My Husband and I are doing a Workshop : he works and I SHOP!

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Bikini season is just around the corner. Unfortunately, so is the pizza place

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LOL...Lisa...pinning this for you!

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Baby's butt in camera is how soooo many pix are ruined (when something was super cute just 2 seconds before)!

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Missing the 90s in particular (22 photos)

The Struggling Twenty-Something: "My Life" told by: TV Show Quotes

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I haven't posted a selfie in a while but i still am very cute just to keep you updated

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Today Top 30 interesting images (07:58:01 AM, Saturday 10, December 2016 PST) – 30 pics

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Calvin and Hobbes QUOTE OF THE DAY (DA): “Look! A trickle of water running through some dirt! I'd say our afternoon just got booked solid!” ― Bill Watterson

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Dedicated to flakey people. OMG, I love it and I love to call people out on the BS but I try extra hard not to :)

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Paranoid Parrot #firstworldproblems

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Excuse the bitch face. Bwahaha this cracks me up

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Ha! I love this. I still write and don't show to more than one person.

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Men's Humor on

Unfortunately, so true!

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