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Piedras pintadas; Walrus

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Walrus: You are very in control of your attention and can fix on what you want to while shutting everything else out, you like to be your own boss and would be able to support yourself just fine, people often underestimate you because you come across as being really simple minded but you are actually quite intelligent and quick witted.

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amigurumi sailor walrus - tricheco marinaio a uncinetto

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Foche e trichechi giocano sulla spiaggia del Bagno Franco

Un bagno nell’acqua gelata ci salverà

Un bagno nell’acqua gelata ci salverà. Trichechi si diventa

I 35mila trichechi su una spiaggia in Alaska

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Walrus - acrylic on rock | Painted stones by Roberto Rizzo |

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Alaska: i ghiacci si sciolgono, 35000 trichechi a riva

Tusk [Sub-ITA] (2014) HORROR – DURATA 102′ – USA Il giornalista e conduttore Wallace Bryton scompare nelle foreste di Manitoba mentre sta intervistando Mr. Howe (Michael Parks), un misterioso avventuriero con alle spalle storie incredibili e una curiosa predilezione per i trichechi…