Natural ftm for youths

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Being trapped in your own body is worse then any other punishment because it's so hard to free yourself ~Chloe<<<<Essentially.

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I found this on Facebook and I hope you can all see what the artist is getting…

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LGBT tumblr "I named you" -- Wow that's deep More

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I could care less which bathroom you use just please wash your hands.

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Propaganda is when you invent a fear that doesn't exist, like the idea that cisgender women are less safe in restrooms with transgender women. There is NO evidence that male violence against women happens more in restrooms than anywhere else (which is to say, it is too high everywhere). There is even less evidence that transwomen pose a threat to ciswomen. This is a sociology page, so it should come as no surprise that we prefer to base our conclusions on evidence, not assertions.

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Mommy's Little Girl by on @deviantART

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If anyone needs to talk about anything LGBTQIA+, I'm available to chat and let you vent for as long as you need -Arctic Penguin :)

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lanepatriquin: embroidery april 2014 quote from Ollie Renee Schminkey

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