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phan-bands-anime-and-emotions: “abtchance: “ pinkandporcelain: “ if we could all stop for a minute and see the depth in this, we’d all be one step closer to being a more understanding sort of.

National Geographic Makes History With Transgender Cover Girl | The Huffington Post

National Geographic Makes History With Transgender Cover Girl

Nine-year-old Avery Jackson, a transgender activist, is the face of the 'Gender Revolution' issue.

I really LOVE this, say whatever you want nothing can make me sad right now!

Especially with teachers. There are countless ways to separate your classroom, and you choose boy or girl. I hate when teachers separate based on gender

I remember in the town I grew up in there was a transgender individual whom we always used to see when we were out. Being young, (7) I remember asking my mom about her, but my mom would always deflect the question and say we don't talk about that. It was the same about all LGBTQ topics. Not because we don't support them, but simply because at that time it was something that was extremely private to the individuals.

Transgender or not, you are valid. You don't need to "identify" as someone or something, rather just be yourself.

I found this on Facebook and I hope you can all see what the artist is getting…

A drawing about what's it is like to be genderqueer. Male boy trapped in the cage of the female body

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Why can't anyone understand stand this about me <<< why can't people understand this?

“Transgender youth are at incredibly high risk for depression, anxiety, and even suicide,” Bruesehoff continued. “It’s not because there is something wrong with them; it’s because something is wrong our society. The research shows one key thing changes those statistics: support. It is very clear that students who are supported in their homes, their schools, and their communities have a very different experience than those who are not."

10-Year-Old Busts Myth About Trans People With Powerful Sign

profeminist: “ Busts Myth About Trans People With Powerful Sign “A brave transgender girl named Rebekah spoke at a rally last weekend in support of transgender students and.