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Apple slice with Biscuit pastry by Luisa B3 #ThermomixBakeoff

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Arrivano gli ‪Avengers‬! in una sola torta, la maschera di Ironman‬, il pugno di ‪Hulk‬, lo scudo di Capitan America‬, ed il martello e mantello di ‪Thor‬ -

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Peppe Pig #cake with kinder and smarties! Perfect for birthday parties.

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Iron Man Cookie Cutter Marvel Comics Avengers Geek by RochaixCo

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These Avengers: Age Of Ultron Pancakes Look Delicious! |

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Best diaper cake video I have seen. Don't knock it because it's a guy, he knows what he's doing. #baby_shower #diaper_cake

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I Dolci Doni di Natascia: Torta Barbapapa'

OK..........this just cracks me up! Minions Avengers

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Southern Honey Cake

I Guardiani della Galassia - Cake by Le torte di Renato

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#Cake design: #topper di #Daredevil #Thor #Hulk #Iron #Man e #Falcon degli #Avengers in #pastadizucchero

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Cupcakes al cioccolato con Barbapapà di Rice Crispies Nutella

baby thor in pasta di zucchero

Behold: Wonder Woman With a Lightsaber on a Two-Headed Unicorn

Behold: Wonder Woman With a Lightsaber on a Two-Headed Unicorn by Joey Chou

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Vanila Slice Thermomix recipe

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Custard slice.....use puff pastry from freezer

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Apple and Vanilla Custard Cake

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Apple Shortbread Slice | Official Thermomix Forum & Recipe Community

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I decided it was the perfect time to convert my no bake lemon and coconut slice for my Thermomix after we had a pile of lemons sitting in our fruit bowl. Slice recipes really don't get much easier than this one, and within minutes the slice base will be ready to put into the tin. If you are like me a like an extra kick of lemon, add another teaspoon of lemon juice to the slice base - otherwise it's gorgeous as is.

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I do not exaggerate when I say the is the best ever thermomix caramel slice. I actually doubled the amount of caramel that I usually use and it was a velvety smash hit in our home! This is not a ...

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Easy Sticky Date Pudding thermomix - Excellent made 7 small puddings and a good amount of sauce.

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Date Brownies (NO processed sugar and NO flour)

Date Brownies (NO sugar and NO flour) — Jamie Oliver converted for TMX

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Recipe 20 Seconds Yoghurt Cake - Gâteau au Yahourt with Caramelized Apple by Frenchilicious - Recipe of category Baking - sweet

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