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Lunch time! Here we've got harissa chili paste from Entube spread on top of a Filipino style torta, a dish cooked like pancakes using egg and corned beef mixed into it. Usually use regular ketchup or banana ketchup for this, but the harissa chili paste blows those out of the water. So good!

A falta de Lexatín...buenas son tortas: Rose Water Turkish Delight


It is made of water sourced from the Southern Japanese Alps, lightly sweetened, and solidified just enough to give it a definite shape. That’s why it’s called mizu (water) shingen mochi’, which according to the Kinseiken website, is so smooth that it melts in your mouth. It retains its shape for only 30 minutes before melting, so it needs to be consumed in the company’s shops and cannot be ordered ‘to go’.

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This Dessert Looks Just Like A Blob Of Water And I Can't Look Away

But what does it taste like, you’re probably wondering? | You Have To See This Weird Cake That Looks Like A Blob Of Water

How to Substitute Soda for Water in Cake Mix


Similar to dandelions and parsley, when dried out, crushed up cilantro absorbs metal from water, particularly lead and nickel. Both dangerous metals to have present in drinking water, lead and nickel are absorbed through cell walls of cilantro in a unique display of biosorption.  It can be used in tea bags, which are placed in a pot …

Since the water beads absorb and release moisture, they all exchanged their colors and we ended up with a bowl of green water beads!


Lebanese Dessert ~ Knafeh! A typical Lebanese dessert that is also served for breakfast! Perfect with a drizzle of syrup prepared using Al Wadi Al Akhdar all natural waters (rose water, orange blossom water) >>