Greatly appreciate thephoblographer.  Love/Hate this list of wedding shots to take.  Like, remembering all the details...hate how cookie cutter weddings are...
love this shot
Wedding Photography from A-List Photographer, Sarah Yates

Wedding Photographer Gallery: Sarah Yates

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Photographer’s Wedding Day Checklist | Two Blooms-Lightroom Presets & Marketing Tools for Photographers

Photographer's Wedding Day Checklist

One of the FIRST things I wanted to cover with you when it comes to  weddings is the IMPORTANCE of giving your photographer a wedding shot  list!! I stress this with each and every bride that I photograph!  Before you ask, yes, I as the photographer do have a shot list in hand for  every wedding that I shoot! I know the classic shots that need to be taken  throughout the day, i.e. detail shots, ring shots, first kiss, family  shots, etc.   But, let's remember, this isn't MY wedding!! Just…

The Importance of a Wedding Shot List