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What Tim Tebow Really Eats in a Day

Ohhh Myyyy. There are no words for this.

Tim Tebow Goes Shirtless in Hawaii!

Tim Tebow: Shirtless Beach Stud in Hawaii!: Photo Tim Tebow shows off his shirtless muscular physique while on vacation in Hawaii over the weekend. The football player was seen spending time with…

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Tebow, he is such a good role model and so inspirational!!

Tebow, he is such a good role model and so inspirational!

So blessed to have an exclusive story on PEOPLE.COM about the 450% growth of Night to Shine, check it out!

Tim Tebow Is Organizing More Than 200 Proms for People with Special Needs

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Love him!

TIM TEBOW is a two-time national champion, first round NFL draft pick, and Heisman trophy winner.

Tim Tebow Wants a Family

Tim Tebow: I Want a Family with Someone 'Sweet and Kind'

Ryan Lochte who? The newest Vogue-ordained athlete is none other than NFL quarterback and all-around nice guy Tim Tebow. With his shirt off. And moving a giant tire.

People "It's so cool how God works in people's lives, when you come together and just love people.".. People like this are truly good role models for our kids.

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Tim Tebow Joining GMA as Contributor