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Community Post: The Least Dateable Superheroes

Thor. Nothing to say against men in stupid costumes if they end up looking like this (and the film is good too! )

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Normally I don't care for long hair on guys, but it really works for him. Like, REALLY.

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Just Thor being Thor

Well, DUH. everyone knows "ANOTHER!" is Thor for: "Pardon me dear madam, this drink is simply smashing I hope it would not inconvenience you if I should go so far as to order a second?" *snort* smashing. Get it? Oh I'm so funny sometimes. <-- this previous comment. Haha!

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Thor: The Dark World. Possibly the most epic Marvel movie yet.

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Avengers: Thor More

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He's so beautiful. <3 I feel as if my expectations have been elevated to unrealistic levels, especially since I have almost nothing to over in return.

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This is wonderful...The Nine Realms of Ygrissil, the world tree (according to Thor…) Although, some names are kinda debated…but it's too wonderful to care! :D

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Thor Movie Poster Marvel by WestGraphics on Etsy

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This is the only one of those memes I have actually liked...

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