Pinterest • il catalogo mondiale delle idee | Colourful Cauldron | Just sitting at my desk, refilling my fountain pen. Yep, I have a strange love of pens. I noticed that one particular blue ink created a bubble at the top of its bottle, and at the proper angle I could see a very colourful pattern in light reflected from my computer monitor. The colours are created by thin film interference, the same phenomenon that puts rainbows in soap bubbles. Why not try and make an interesting image of it? My computer…


HELMUT LANG "Viscose Film Skirt"

HELMUT LANG "Viscose Film Skirt" 💙💙This designer skirt is by the Helmut Lang! The color code is " Trac Blue". It is a ruched front center, hi-lo hem skirt! Thick waist band! Has 2 layers on the back making it not-so-see through! ****Very gently loved! Has 1 need,e thin hole from security sensor at seam of waist and minor marks from being on hanger! Helmut Lang Skirts High Low

Nemo Equipment 2011 Tuo Cub Sleeping Pad (Blue). Inflatable sleeping pad with thin interior film. Separates pad into 2 separate airtight levels. Gives pad complete redundancy in event of puncture. Base layer inflates firm for protection from rocks and roots. Measures 48 inches long by 20 inches wide; weighs 1.9 pounds.

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Donald Trump's The Wall. Found footage feature film covering the life and times of Donald J. Trump set to the album "The Wall" by Pink Floyd.

Don Komarechka posted a photo: I usually save something special for Christmas Day, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed this year. The magic of those colours is completely real! View large! Okay, I know some people will NOT believe those colours are true and accurate to this snowflake. I want anyone who is skeptical to download a RAW file from this sequence of focus-stacked shots just to see the unedited version of this snowflake: - the editing process…

Ben Elton's classic BBC Comedy The Thin Blue Line (1995-96) starring Rowan Atkinson


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The Thin Blue Line


The Thin Blue Line - Ben Elton, I took a chance on this show and really enjoyed it Rowan Atkinson is so great and the support cast too... well done and super witty! If you like British Comedy, check it out.


British Comedy: A Guide (Part II: The SitCom Tier 2)

The Thin Blue Line. I am watching the series again and still laughing my head off. My kind of humour ⭐️