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This photo makes me so excited to get mine someday! Time will come but for now my Red Eared Sliders are my baby's!!!!!

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Russian Tortoises as Pets. Russian Tortoise: Facts and Information. Daily Care, Pro's and Cons, Cages, Costs, Diet, Breeding All Covered by George Hoppendale

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Caring for and Feeding a Russian Tortoise

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Favorite tortoise foods

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Tortoise Shell Fashion. This is for Caroline Zick

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Bathe a Russian Tortoise

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How to Care for a Russian Tortoise

With their sociable personalities and lively natures, Russian tortoises can be a great addition to any family. Though not difficult to take care of, they do require the proper housing, environment and diet to ensure proper health. With these considerations taken care of, a Russian tortoise can live with you for up to 50 years!

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Russian tortoise hatchling size comparison

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Common Health Problems With Russian Tortoises | PetHelpful

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Tortaddiction: A helpful guide to determining the sex of your Russian tortoise

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