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Testo della canzone: Milonga sentimental + traduzione in Inglese (Versione #1)

Traduzione I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (OST Runaway Bride) - U2 testo della canzone

Pat Benatar Daughters | Pat Benatar, circa 1983

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“BREAK THE CHAIN” Lyrics by Tena Clark Music by Tena Clark/Tim Heintz.................SPEZZA LA CATENA *testo della canzone del FlashMob «One billion rising»* CONTRO LA VIOLENZA SULLE DONNE

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Daughter Lyrics - Mairi Hughes

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Youth | Daughter. One of my favorite songs right now.

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Daughter - Candles

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--and if you are in love then you are the lucky one; cause most of us are bitter…

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this song is so beautiful I can't even describe the ache you get in your chest when listening to it, nor can I describe my love towards it

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Setting fire to our insides for fun

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