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16 Choses Que Vous Ne Faites Probablement Pas Correctement Depuis Toujours, Voici Comment..

# Breakup Texts That Ended Up Being More Humiliating Than Heartbreaking 14 -

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Yeah if a creep asks me my number I'll probably punch him imma just do this to mah friends as a prank.

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18 Mind-Boggling Text Fails

Good excuse if you aren't in the mood to message someone. Let's just hope they don't get wise

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best drunk texts patrick star The 25 Best Drunk Texts Ever

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Why do I need a Bluetooth....when I got this rubber band cell phone holder!!!

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I tried this. It wasn't as funny as I hoped, but y'all should try it!

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funny, phone, text, mom

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Page 7 - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED

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I know what I'm doing with my husbands phone. . .

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