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I finally got around to making this cute emoji face singing activity. I saw it over on the Facebook LDS Chorister's Site. The idea was t...

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LDS Primary Singing Time Helps

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How to Read Sheet Music: Step-by-Step Instructions

I want to learn to read sheet music again, and play the piano again like in years past.

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SINGING TIME IDEA: ♪ Primary Notes 29 ♫: My "HOW TO SING" Hearts / Heart Darts Game

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The "Loud Soft Song"! A great song of Musical Opposites and how they can work togther!

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what's that ... ? I .. caN'T .. HEAR YOU !!!

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K-1: Fast/Slow and High/Low Book

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Didi @ Relief Society: Smile Frowny Faces for Primary Singing Time

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Make Music Rock!: Macaroni - teaching xylophone to K and 1

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