La table carrée Loto s'ouvre comme une fleur et passe de 4 à 8 places assises. Découvrez les mesures et les finitions disponibles.

Lotus is the brand new idea of the designer Franco Lago for the same brand.

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Tavolo Quattrotto by Agape Tavolo quadrato realizzato in multistrati con finitura rovere naturale o rovere scuro con gambe in rovere massello. Disponibile in due versioni fisse da 4 o 8 posti ed una apribile che aumentando di 1/3 la lunghezza del piano raddoppia i posti a sedere.

Quattrotto table designed by Angelo Mangiarotti.

Tavolo quadrato in legno massello - Bisanzio quadro - Essence Wood

Tavolo quadrato in legno massello - Bisanzio quadro - Essence Wood

36e8 Wildwood Kitchen #Kitchen #Design #Cucina #architecture #modern

White & Wildwood: same ingredients, new recipe Wildwood Kitchen Project by LAGO POINT Crescente Habitat Casa

Blog post at Love Chic Living : It should be that time of year when we start to turn off the central heating, but unfortunately this cold snap means it's cranked up higher [..]

How to style up your Central Heating

Wooden Radiator Covers with Decorative Trends - shallow cabinets over floorboard radiators in bedroom?

Mason Ball Jar Light and Rustic Island

Mason Ball Jar Light and Rustic Island. I really like the look of this island. I'm not sure if I like it enough to have in my own kitchen, though. Feels really warm and inviting.

Интерьер Искусство Красный PH: #architecture #homedecor #homedesign #lovelife #art #light #interior #PH

PH 50 Pendant for Louis Poulsen PL391

Интерьер Искусство Красный PH: #architecture #homedecor #homedesign #lovelife #art #light #interior #PH

Mason jar bathroom organizer. Love this idea. by delia

Bathroom Decor Ideas ~ DIY Playbook: How to create a Mason Jar Organizer. Can't wait to do this in my bathroom!