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Stylized Pegasus In Greek mythology, horses are recurrent symbols of loyalty and courage. In order to understand the symbolism of Pegasus, we shall look at the way he was born: Medusa, a magnificent woman, was condamned by Atena to petrify everyone who looked at her, and once she got killed this pure winged horse raised from her spilled blood, and flew into the sky as if representing getting free from the curse, and going back to glory. Also, from a spring formed where he once[...]


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Image detail for -apart for the interesting mythology think this can make a cool tattoo

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Huginn and Muninn were in Norse mythology the fellow ravens of Odin, and their names mean Thought and Memory. Every morning they left to see what was happening all over the world, and at sunset they flew back to Odin to rest on his shoulders, whispering in his ears all that they had seen. they also symbolize secret knowledge. There is a similarity in classical Greek culture. The goddess Athena, who had a blind eye like Odin, sent an owl to the world every morning, which came


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Kyuubi no Kitsune II by ~RHPotter on deviantART - Algún día, me tatuaré un zorro de 9 colas. Porque sí.