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Puipuia. Guardian. This full sleeve tattoo inspired by Samoan style was designed for Philip to integrate two existing tattoos. In addition to Samoan motifs, the manaia on top (guardian spirit, protecting it and developing in a stylized way all down the tattoo) was used to give more power to the design, enhancing at the same time the lines of the muscles. The shoulder has bigger elements and the forearm smaller to[...]


Tatuaggio sul braccio Angelo Guardiano


Matavuvale. Family. This half sleeve tattoo requested by Ivo represents, using mostly Fijian inspired motifs, adversities and trials he faced and won. The path of Kamehameha in the armband and around turtle and shark symbolizes difficulties while spear heads represent the warrior, the strength to face them, together with the hammerhead shark (tenacity, the fighter) that[...]


Markus requested this tattoo about his life: the turtle on the shoulder and arm represents family, which has always been present, trying to give him joy (the sun above it) and stability (the mountains making it). The shell of the turtle is shaped by the maorigram "Herbert" on the left (with a tiki making the left front flipper) and by the maorigram "Doris" on the right (with an ipu on the related flipper). In the middle the two chasing birds represent him and[...]


Ariki This tattoo requested by Mike is about family and being a warrior. On the arm and shoulder the turtle being the main element represents the importance and centrality of family. It has a symbol for marriage in it, surrounded by 3 enata representing his children. The shell is shaped by[...]


Iho Iho represents the heart, the essence, in this case that of Alberto who requested this half sleeve tattoo extending onto pec and shoulder blade. The turtle on the pec represents his family and his children, with the ani ata motif symbolizing his ancestors and joining his[...]


Mario Mario requested this half sleeve tattoo representing his life and what is most important for him. The design, like his own story, develops from past to future, from the back of the arm to the front extending onto the shoulder to represent his present. From the past where moray eels represent faced[...]