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Sielulintu: Finnish mythological bird who protects one's soul while being asleep.

Finnish print design inspired by The Kalevela.

Sisu is the 'second wind' of mental toughness. More

Ukonvasara - Ukko's Hammer - or Ukonkirves - Ukko's Axe - is the symbol and magical weapon of the Finnic thunder god. In Finnish mythology the thunder god is referred to with names Ukko, Äijä or Äijö and sometimes Ilmarinen. The Estonian parallel is Uku, Vanaisa - Grandfather - or Taevataat - Sky Father.

Perhe means "family" in Finnish. The design is also Finnish and it's a Karelia knot.

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Magnet – Finnish – Good Luck Symbol | Penfield Books

Even a small star shines in the dark. - Finnish Proverb #proverbs #quotes

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