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Sebastian Sergio requested this ankleband tattoo to remember his godson who died in an accident. The manaia in the middle has to be placed on the front of the leg, towards the future whilst the koru inside the sun on the right of the design goes on the back of the leg, bound to[...]

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Tatuaggio di Essenza, Fenice tattoo

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Family. LMS. On the shoulder of this half sleeve tattoo the turtle symbolizes the importance of family, which[...]

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totem tattoo - Google Search

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«#nordicwolf, #SWEDISHSTYLE!!! #viking #vikingtattoo #vikingtattoos #norse #Nordic #nordictattoo #dotwork #dotworktattoo #nolines #wip»

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Tatuaggio di Ki taurangi, Promessa tattoo -

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Ariki This tattoo requested by Mike is about family and being a warrior. On the arm and shoulder the turtle being the main element represents the importance and centrality of family. It has a symbol for marriage in it, surrounded by 3 enata representing his children. The shell is shaped by[...]

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This. Is. It. Maybe not this one in particular, but I've found my next tattoo theme... hieroglyph. Maybe the ankh and the eye of horus... :0

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Tat Mehr

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Anchor More

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Tatuaggio di Aquila Haida, Fierezza, comando tattoo -

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Black and Grey, Realistic, Wolf

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Polynesian Tattoo Styled Masks

Vectors - Polynesian Tattoo Styled Masks | GraphicRiver

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Tattoo of Minimal Hummingbird, Carpe diem tattoo - custom tattoo ...

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Inked | @mtocavents

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Unalome & lotus. Enlightenment. The Unalome is originally a hindu symbol that graphically recalls Shiva´s third eye and it represents wisdom and the path to perfection. Full description and hi-res here:

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-Inextricable- by Sarah Leea Petkus//Nest & Burrow

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Markus requested this tattoo about his life: the turtle on the shoulder and arm represents family, which has always been present, trying to give him joy (the sun above it) and stability (the mountains making it). The shell of the turtle is shaped by the maorigram "Herbert" on the left (with a tiki making the left front flipper) and by the maorigram "Doris" on the right (with an ipu on the related flipper). In the middle the two chasing birds represent him and[...]

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