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Poesia Infantil i Juvenil

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Medieval jester

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BESANCON, Bibliothèque municipale, 0069 Bréviaire à l'usage de Besançon Langues : latin Date : 15e s. (avant 1498)

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Malades mentaux (folie) . 15e siècle Auteur de l'ouvrage : BRANDT, Sebastian / BRANT, Sébastien / BRAND, Sébastien Ouvrage : Stultifera navi...

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The Hague, KB, 128 C 8, f.21r (the Fool enthroned). Nicolaus de Lyra, Postilla litteralis (fragments). Hainaut, Master of Jacquemart Pilavaine a.o. (illuminators); c. 1450-1475.

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Jester and monkey.. Giovanni Boccaccio, translated by Laurent de Premierfait Title De casibus virorum illustrium in French translation (Des cas des ruynes des nobles hommes et femmes) Origin Netherlands, S. (Bruges) Date c. 1479-c.1480 Language French

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(Left) Detail of a miniature of a fool, from Bible Historiale, Paris and Clairefontaine, 1411, Royal MS 19 D III, f. 266r

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A fool with a peacock feather on his cap walking to r; holding a staff with a fool's head. From a series of four engravings. British Museum Collections

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MS. Douce 80

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Fools, Far, Near, and Forever. This woodcut is attributed to the artist Albrecht Dürer. It is an illustration from the book Stultifera navis (Ship of Fools) by Sebastian Brant, published by Johann Bergmann in Basel in 1498. University of Houston.

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