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ivy tattoo drawings | ivy tattoo top by iluvdevilschild designs interfaces tattoo design ...

My back tattoo: an ivy tattoo, it grows with me. Il mio tatuaggio: un'edera che cresce con me.


TATTOO TRIBES - Shape your dreams, Tattoos and their meaning - tree, leaves, aucalyptus, ivy, lettering, union, attachment, committment, family, protection, tenacity


Polynesian styled scorpion The scorpion is often seen as a symbol of danger, of death, but many cultures consider it a symbol of life instead. Its poison can be used to heal, and not only to harm. That´s why we placed a symbol of protection like the tiki on its body, and also to be a symbol of fertility (the sting is often seen as a male symbol). The pincers are made of waves because the scorpio in the zodiac is a water sign, and the two fish hooks[...]


Tatuaggio di Rametto di edera, Fedeltà, caparbietà tattoo -