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Simboli massonici-templari - Chiesa della Maddalena - Venezia #TuscanyAgriturismoGiratola


Early Medieval Grave, Barevan Chapel, Cawdor district, Scotland. There is a question as to whether or not the round stone was placed because it was believed to be a witches grave.

Detail of Tut's ceremonial chariot. The falcon Horus wears the solar disk on which is engraved the winged scarab, symbol of the rising sun and resurrection and a sun,( Amarna period), giver of life (hieroglyph: The Key of Life)

Phoenician funeral stele - Moon-Goddess Tanit with sun & moon from Carthage - London British Museum

Viking rune stone, Upplands, Sweden - ca. 11th century. Rune stones began as a Christian tradition among Danish vikings, but spread and intensified in fashion in Sweden.


The Sumerian language, an isolate written in cuneiform. The most banal things (accounting records for example) give us an extraordinary glimpse into the everyday life in ancient Sumer.

Ostrogothic Gold and Garnet Cloisonne Orinthomorphic Fibula, From the Domagnano Treasure. Gold and garnet, 5th Century C.E., Danube river region of Europe

Cartouche from the Sanctuary in the Temple of Mentuhotep II. ca. 2010-2000 BC…

Owl - Fremont people A.D. 600-1300. Site is on BLM land in Kane Creek Canyon near Moab, Grand Co., Utah. Edward Abbey apparently stumbled upon this figure and mentioned it in one of his journals. An entry published in "Confessions of a Barbarian" says: "Found a beautiful petroglyph of an owl near the mouth of Kane Creek Canyon. Must show it to Rebecca."