Son of a Bitch! Jensen Ackles - Supernatural - Dean Winchester

Son of a Bitch! Jensen Ackles - Supernatural - Dean Winchester---I can basically name each episode or say what was going on in each scene

Supernatural, Dean Winchester

The many Faces of Dean Winchester. I read it as (from top left to right) sexy-funny sexy-funnier sexy-sexy-sexy-OMFG-sexy-sexy-sexy-awww Dean-sexy.

Agent: "You think you're funny?" Dean: "I think I'm adorable." *smiles and kills half the fandom*

You asked for it.. you got it (39 photos)

Never seen Dean this Happy !!! Well I think he deserves free Pie for life time !!

supernatural killed Hitler awesome season He still wouldn't shut up about in the next episode. Not that I'm complaining, I too wouldn't shut up if I killed Hitler

There can never be enough Jensen Ackles #supernatural #JensenAckles #DeanWinchester

Which Supernatural Character Are You?

A supernatural poster showing main character Dean Winchester as half demon, half Dean. Season nine ends, but season 10 is just beginning.

All these pictures... Especially the third one down of Jared and the second one down of Jensen. Sigh.

I've always been one to be struck by how young Jared and Jensen look from earlier seasons, but Jared looks like he's about 16 in his first picture.

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Dean's facial expressions are basically just a visual chronicalization of what I look like at school every day dealing with my classmates. When someone interrupts me