44 Tips for Surviving Your First Year of College - Learned The Hard Way

44 Tips for Surviving Your First Year of College

Wondering what to buy for your college freshman? The Annie and Everything college supply list recommends only what your student will REALLY need!

Our Recommended College Supply List -- What Your Student REALLY Needs

What Not to Do Freshman Year as a college student - Advice and tips for a successful first year of school

What NOT To Do Freshman Year

Prep In Your Step: Tips For Incoming College Freshmen
Tips for the collegebound freshmen: do these 10 things the summer before your freshman year in college!
Advice for College Freshman. Despite my freshmen being done this is still quite helpful:)
A list of the must have school supplies for college! From pencil cases to staplers, this list has everything you'll need for your freshman year of college.

How to Ace Your College Exams

*This post contains affiliate links. I may receive commission from any  sales/use of these links. **This post was originally posted on The Everyday Elegance. I have since  transitioned all of my college related posts to The Collegiates' Guide,  which focuses on college and professionalism.  I’ve seen and read a lot of college dorm packing lists and what all to  bring. Honestly, a lot of them are by stores and brands trying to justify  you buying everything on their list because they want you…
Freshman - 19 items if you don't have them already that you should get! Ok, I agree with some of these but not all.  Chase is on his way - one happy but sad momma!
Hint: organization is key!

7 Insider Tips to Rock Your Freshman Year