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Da quelle parti, in America, ci sono le vacanze di primavera. Servono a far rifiatare gli studenti prima del rush finale e gli eventuali esami. Quindi dovrebbero essere tutte relax e studio. Ma se ci mette mano Harmony Korine, la prospettiva si ribalta. E nasce l’ennesimo cult movie firmato da uno dei registi più in forma di questa rassegna veneziana.

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The man returned after parking the car, and found a dog laying on the carpet." Hey." The man says, and Alex shifts back to his human form." My name's Glitch." Glitch says, and leads Alex to the living room." You must wait here for a moment." Glitch says, and takes a few pieces of candy from the dish on the coffee table. He then leaves, and goes to grab Mary.


Life that is gone far Its hopeless from the start Dreams that never end Begin to fall apart All my joys and pains Will never equal love Its because, just because


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