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....Macelleria per vegani..... ......Una “macelleria alternativa” senza crudeltà verso gli animali è questo il progetto dei fratelli Aubry e Kale Walch, i quali sono riusciti a creare delle alternative alla carne al 100% vegane e #vegani

$3,500 Rewards Offered in Case of Dog Skinned Alive ~"THIS REALLY PISSES ME OFF!!!!"~ /(>.<)\

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STOP Animal Cruelty (_Animal_Lovers_)not just animals ppl are treated the same way. iF YOU MUST SURRENDER AN ANIMAL TAKE TO A NO KILL SHELTER THAT'S THE LEAST YOU CAN DO. pLEASE DONT ABANDON THEM TO DIE ALONE & SCARED. This is wrong and sad

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A somewhat-neutered Ariz. animal cruelty bill moves to Senate ...

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Stop Animal Cruelty Quotes | share this project report project embed tweet email rss share animals ...

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Stop Animal Cruelty Quotes | Please Stop Animal Abuse!!! It’s Important!!!

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STOP Animal Cruelty (_Animal_Lovers_)

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Boycott MAC!!! This cat was tested with MAC mascara!!! Buy only animal cruelty free products. Please sign and share this petition!

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Stop animal cruelty NOW!!! Puppy mills, whale killing, slaughter houses, poaching. Please stop and take a moment to realize God didn't just create Earth for us, but for animals also.

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No right to hurt this dog or any animal in any way...

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