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This is the latest single from American Hard Rock band Stone Sour. This track comes from part one of their latest album duo 'The House of Gold & Bones.' #Music #HardRock #StoneSour


my soul keeps changing like the weather- the only constant is rain.


Stone Sour - "Bother" Wish I was too dead to care, if indeed I cared at all. Never had a voice to protest so u fed me shit to digest. I wish I had a reason. My flaws are open season, for this I gave up trying. One good turn deserves my dying. You don't need to bother. I don't need to be. I'll keep slipping farther. Once I hold on, I won't let go till it bleeds.


Stone Sour's "Through Glass". Excerpt: How do you feel? - That is the question - But I forget you don't expect an easy answer - When something like a soul becomes initialized - And folded up like paper dolls and little notes - You can't expect a bit of hope - So while you're outside looking in - Describing what you see - Remember what you're staring at is me.


Stone Sour - they're not much to look at (sorry, guys) but I love Corey Taylor's voice and Audio Secrecy is an excellent album. One of my favorite bands, currently.