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What to Pack for 7 days in the Pacific Northwest packing light packing list…
The Essential PNW Bucket List // Pacific Northwest

The Essential 2017 PNW Bucket List

Gorgeous rustic-glam kitchen with sleek modern cabinets and a rustic farm dining table.

The Pacific Northwest Look That’s Sweeping the Nation

Original Artwork by Saylah Leu. I'm very proud to be from the pacific northwest. Right now I live in the eastern part of WA state. But every time I drive through the mountains to the westide side, I am captivated by the high hills, the mountains, the mist.. the moment crossing through the trees, it's like walking through the front door and knowing I'm home.

10"x8" Home

Love the open beams, natural wood and open space - plus all open to the trees. Pacific Northwest style
How to make a hoodie look classy. Comfy, warm winter outfit
Textiles and textures - Coralie's Cozy, Southwest-Inspired One Room Cabin in the Pacific Northwest

Tour an Incredibly Cozy 250 Square Foot Cabin

Recipe for Pacific Northwest style salmon with a deliciously tangy blackberry sauce/dressing.

Salmon with Blackberry Sauce