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★ℒ ★27 Dec '16 .. where's the bubbles ?

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pirates-world: “ Photographer Yves Ryncki ”

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Veil Nebula - The Western Veil (Caldwell 34 / the "Witch's Broom", "Finger of God", or "Filamentary Nebula")

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“Stella polare” by Marco De Luca

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Amour Vexé by Stella Polare

Arbre by Stella Polare

Great Pyrenees puppy. Sweetest dogs ever

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Купить пальто stella polare в киеве

ESA has published a new picture of the network of interstellar filaments seen by the Herschel Space Observatory in the space around Polaris, the North Star, which is actually a multiple system. For this reason also known as Polaris Flare, it's an interstellar cloud in which filaments formed in which there are gas and dust visible especially at infrareds. Read the details in the article!