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Facedown Hip External Rotation

Best Workouts for Toning Butt, Thighs and Stomach #WorkoutsforWomen

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Great graph and demonstration of a squat jump! Check out how much you can burn!

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Train Like An Angel With Candice, Elsa, And Jasmine

The Move: Lunge-to-Squat-Jumps Multitask your way to fit—this exercise not only strengthens your legs, hips, abs and butt, but the explosive jumping movement hikes up your heart rate.

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Squat Jumps - Lower Body and Calorie Blast

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Jump Squat

Nothing tones the legs and butt like a jumping squat. Start by coming into a squat with your arms by your sides. Swing your arms to the ceiling as you jump off with both feet. Land quietly as you return to the squat position. This completes one rep. Do 15 reps.

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AMRAP- dont have a box to do box jumps on... substitute squat jumps instead... sounds good to me,

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The Only 12 Exercises You Need To Get In Shape

Squat Jump | The Only 12 Exercises You Need To Get In Shape - BuzzFeed News

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One of the most popular lower body exercises: the squat, is commonly performed incorrectly. Common mistakes: - looking upward or downward forcing the head out of natural alignment. - rounding lower back - bending too far forward - knees tracking over toes - heels coming off the ground - *its important to understand that everyone is different, their levels of flexibility, hip angles

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Full Body Box Workout That Shreds Fat. Minimal rest between exercises, 2 minute break between sets for 4 rounds total. 1) Switching Tire Lunges (10/leg) 2) Tricep Dips (15 reps) 3) Decline Push Ups (15 reps) 4) Sumo Sit Squat Jumps (15 reps) 5) Lateral Side Shuffle (10metre x 5)

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Lower body

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