Caribbean Reef Shark

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Just imagine you're in a kayak. You smoked a joint and decided to go for an…

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Wow! HUGE! Would not want this to lurk under water while swimming - YIKE!

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The Journey

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tumblr_ldfjwrVFw01qa42k3o1_400_large.jpg (355×480) #streetart

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Comment faire un gâteau en forme de cerveau pour Halloween ? Le résultat est bluffant !

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WHEN shall we three meet again? IN thunder, lightning, or in rain? - Witches of…

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Predators and Preys

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I took a deep breath and covered my mouth, tears streming down my face. Blood streamed down my legs: Long thin lines of crimson that would vanish, but allow scars to remain. It was her fault....She did this to herself...She deserved to vanish...but she was scared to.... No one understood.... ~Wilted Rose~

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Couleur vive (rapport au sucre)

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