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squirrel .... I'm not native, and I don't want to offend (I didn't catch which native nation believes what's written here), just thought this was introspective when out in nature, and neat to teach children old ways and respect

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Animal Spirit Guide : The Cardinal

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Sometimes, our guides come in the form of animals. Visit Waverider @ to connect to your guide. #spirit guides #totems #brainwaves

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You are being reminded that to wear the crown of true mastership requires dedication, responsibility, and committed development in all things physical as well as the spiritual. -Jay

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Animal Totems are private to each individual and should not be shared. They come to you because you need them, although you may not know it at the time. However, I WILL share that the redtailed hawk in one of my totems..and comes when I need to hear it's message. :-)

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How to Find Your Animal Spirit Guide

Need help finding your spirit guide? or perhaps just want to learn more about spirit guides? This hub is full of information on what animal spirit guides are and how to go about finding yours.

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Crow passes through time, from past to future, as he will, and brings messages. Some traditions say it is from the Deity, some say from loved ones who have passed on. 386771_516549158377726_1544718453_n.jpg 480×319 pixels

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Spirit guides ....leave a comment of which guide you see for yourself. All in fun! I think mine might be the Horse. Stop by my Shop

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Animal Spirit Guide: The Eagle - "In Nat. Am. Cultures the Eagle is Sacred as a Spiritual Messenger one that delivers peace, fertility, honor, freedom, strength, illumination, courage & the ability to rise above all. Bald Eagle Spirit Medicine is to teach spirit to see the HIGHEST TRUTH... In journey work, Bald Eagle may escort you to distant realms... Expert at Soul Retrieval.

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