Yo escribé un diario personal de la punta de vista de un inmigrante a los Estados Unidos. -Greg

Story of the name Llama. Spaniards asked the Incas "Como se Llama" (What's the name) regarding the name of the animal. Since the Incas did not understand Spanish, they repeated Llama? so the Spaniards took Llama as the name of the animal.

Jajajajajjajajajjajajajajajjajajaaj me rei media hour yo sola, mortal!

This goes in my introductory packet--on Day 1 I greet students in Spanish and ask them their names (if Spanish 1 I model it a few times; if Spanish 3 I have them introduce one another; Higher levels get extended introductions)

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Funny pictures about A Mexican Gummy Bear. Oh, and cool pics about A Mexican Gummy Bear. Also, A Mexican Gummy Bear.

No quiero ser un Nugget... LOL I don't speak Spanish, but I know what lil guy is saying loud and clear!

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