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Day 4-Favorite One Direction Video Why are this questions so difficult? GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN! This is my go to video when I need a laugh!

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I just am really loving these head wraps he's wearing...too bad he started wearing them after my concert

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those curls <3 (is it just me or does he look like a young mick jagger here?) (mick jagger could be harrys dad..vas happin mum?)

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Not even a huge fan of Harry styles but his dimples are pretty amazing

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he's beautiful... harry styles, hazza, harreh, one direction, 1D

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C on

I think his smile is my favorite. When he really smiles I mean. Not trying to pose, or impress. But just is himself, and wears his heart on his sleeve

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BUT BUT BUT LIAM IS THE SMART ONE! HARRY IS THE FLIRT! ZAYN IS VAIN (Lou: see what I did there? Niall: *laugh*)! NIALL IS THE FUNNY ONE! Harry: And Louis' the leader...(Zayn: *laughing*)...Louis' the leader cause that was the only one left. XD

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Nico di Angelo: Slytherin, Leo Valdez: Slytherin, Hazel Levesque: Gryffindor, Frank Zhang: Hufflepuff, Reyna: Ravenclaw, Annabeth Chase: Ravenclaw, Percy Jackson: Gryffindor, Jason Grace: Gryffindor, Piper McLean: Slytherin

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im not marrying anyone else unless its Niall Horan. End of story.

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pinterest: marlboromalik ☼

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